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Our Reviews for Breast Reduction Procedures Near New Orleans, LA

Patient reviews serve as an important step in the discovery process for patients. It helps them understand a surgeon’s personal characteristics, surgeon skills, and outcomes. As you conduct your due diligence to find the best plastic surgeon to meet your specific needs and goals, you may find a patient just like you among our reviews. We are happy to provide a collection of his reviews in one place so that you can get to know him a little better. Plastic surgery is a big step towards a new life, and we hope you find our patients stories and feedback helpful as you make this very important decision.

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Review from Z.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Oct 08, 2014

Breast Reduction and Lift -- 53 Years Young -- 38DDD to 36C (?) - Louisiana - Four weeks post-op tomorrow and I have NO regrets!Well ... can I just start by saying how much I LOVE this website. It has been my life line for the past 4+ weeks! I'm 53 yrs old, soon to be 54, 152 lbs., 5'4". Before surgery I was wearing a 38DDD underwire bra (hate). Also had the underarm boob thing going on. I think I will end up being a 36C ... time will tell. I have thought about having a breast reduction for about 2 years -- after a co-worker had a successful one -- and after having a miserable experience looking for a dress for my son's wedding. I really started obsessing about it after bringing my sister-in-law to some pre-op and post-op appointments (with same PS) for her mastectomy and re-construction surgeries (she is doing fine). So here is my journey:August 13, 2014: I had my consultation with my PS. He suggested me going to a size D, but I really wanted a C. I knew when I left the office that I was going to go forward, but I gave myself two weeks to think about it. August 27, 2014: Scheduled the surgery for September 11, 2014. Regarding insurance -- I did call and they said they do cover this type of procedure, but there was a long drawn out process I would have had to go through to "prove" the necessity. I'm going to be straight forward here -- I would have had to lie to "prove" the necessity. I did have some back pain, but not much at all. Didn't want to go there. My husband felt the same and was very supportive. So I paid out-of-pocket for my procedure and am never looking back. I considered my choice cosmetic, not medically necessary. To each his own. I'm comfortable with my choice. Those two weeks prior to surgery were filled with emotion and doubt -- was i doing the right thing? was I being selfish for spending so much money? what if something went wrong and I chose to do this elective surgery? maybe I should wait? Maybe maybe maybe what if what if what if and then I started googling and found this website! Bingo! Need I say more! If you are thinking about it ... do it! September 11, 2014: Day of surgery. Wasn't nervous AT ALL! My PS came to "mark me up" and we discussed "the size" again. He said "okay one more time D or C?" I stuck to my guns and said C. My thinking was that at my age, weight gain was sure to end up in the boob area and this was my one and only chance .... so C is was. I asked him if was going to do lipo for the "underarm boob" and he said yes but not much. Well thank goodness because let me tell you lipo leaves you very very sore. I think he did a great job with the little not much lipo.I went home the same day with meds for pain, muscle spasms and antibiotics. Take the pain meds! I took them for four days round the clock. Pro: no pain Con: constipation (ugggh) Ice became my best friend (for swelling and comfort)! I slept in a lazy-boy recliner a lot those first few days with 2 little travel pillows under each arm so my arms wouldn't rest on breast area. I tried sleeping in the bed with a wedge pillow, but I'm not a back sleeper. So this didn't work for me at first. But then, I got use to the wedge pillow and managed to spend most of the night in bed. The wedge pillow prevented me from trying to roll over. At week 3 I could sleep on my side a little supported by one of my little travel pillows. Now at week 4 I can pretty much sleep on my side.I've read so much on this website about people being sent home with "tape". I was sent home with internal stitches, external staples (6 in each), external dermabond, covered with gauze and a post surgical bra. Oh and those miserable drains. I had one below each breast.My surgery was on a Thursday. The following Monday those miserable drains were removed (ouch!). However, that was the last morning I had to take my pain meds. Tuesday evening was my first bowel movement (gross I know). I tried Phillips Milk of Magnesia (recommended by my PS), eating Activia, raisins (I don't like prune juice), switched to Dulcolax and took probiotics. I don't know which "one" worked or if it was a combination but hey it worked.The following Friday, one week post-op, I had my dermabond and external staples removed. My treatment now was to use Bacitracin Antibiotic ointment over entire suture line and cover with light gauze for 3 weeks. This got old fast and was sometimes uncomfortable. Especially when I was itchy! But I will be 4 weeks post-op tomorow -- so I have one more day to go. This Friday (10/10/14) he wants me to start using Mederma on suture line for four weeks. My next appointment is not until 11/5/14 at which time he will switch me to a cream that he sells (can't remember name). After reading lots of post on here, it's amazing how every PS has their own post-op treatment regimens: some tape, some no tape, some bra, some no bra. So follow your PS's rules! Well, that's enough for now. I have so much more to say so I may post again later. My best advice is to rest, rest, and rest some more. No reaching up for anything, no bending down. Let loved ones take care of you ..... I did!Take care all ..... this journey has been amazing! More

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